Shizendo Day Sunday 7th August

10.00am to 1.00pm

Istead Rise Community Centre, Worcester Close, Istead Rise Gravesend Kent, DA13 9LB.

There will be a number of different Martial Arts on the day, Karate, Tai Chi (Chinese art), Escrima (stick), Jujitsu (throwing techniques of Karate), Boxing combinations and the Wing Chun form, the Chinese connection to karate.   Other training will cover Tegummi (hand drills and associated usage) concepts and principles of body mechanics as applied in kata through to pairs work and  Self-defence training plus applications.   This will be fun and informative day of training; the student can pick a number of training sessions on the day to sample different martial arts. Shizendo Day £15.00, please see club instructor for application form.  

Tai Chi students who want to sample different Tai Chi training concepts and want to continual with their art can choose from the following, empty hand form, pushing hands, chi kung or a number of the different weapons of Tai Chi  will be available.