Tai Chi Sword Course Sunday 3rd July

Tai Chi Sword course 11am to 1.30pm Sunday 3rd July

Istead Rise Community Centre Worcester Close Gravesend DA13 9LB

Forms Application Concepts Principles

Course fee £15

Tai Chi sword (or jian in Chinese) is a progression from the empty hand forms and is an important part of the Tai Chi curriculum. Tai Chi students who have already completed the Tai Chi form learning Tai Chi sword is an excellent way to advance their skills as the Jian  sword is the next level up from the Tai Chi form.

In accordance with the principles and concepts of the Tai Chi sword practice it’s an excellent exercise for good health and fitness coupled with the meditative aspects also. The study of the sword and its martial applications will further your knowledge of the art and will also promote strength and fluidity cultivating inner energy and focused mind. Holding a sword requires more strength and better balance; through the sword practice the student will be developing a deeper skill level.

The Tai Chi Jian sword is a straight double edged sword, a classical weapon; this sword was favoured by Taoist priests and priestesses, as well as scholars and used for self-protection.

Tai Chi Jian Sword