October 29, 2016

What we teach


Below is the Curriculum for the Tai Chi system, comprising ten (non-gradable) sections. The Curriculum is intended as a guide for Teacher and Student. Each section is carefully introduced and interlinked to develop student’s skill levels. The student may not follow the syllabus in the order shown, as the student’s progress and abilities will determine what is taught at each stage.


Tai Chi Chuan self-defense is optional.


There are three important aspects of training in the progression of Tai Chi.


1. Correct form practice

Moving postures with structure.

2. Zhan Zhong Chi Kung

Standing pole

3. Tui Shou

Push hands practice

These three approaches are the foundation to improve your Tai Chi to a higher level, these are the three aspects of training which are the focus point within the curriculum.


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