Sunday 21st July

Tai Chi double-edged sword

Istead Rise Community Centre, Worcester Close, Istead Rise, Gravesend Kent DA13 9LB on Sunday’s 10am to 1pm. fee £15.00

Tai Chi double-edged sword, the Jian. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Purpose of Jian Practice:
    • The Tai Chi double-edged sword, Jian, serves as a tool not only for developing sword techniques but also for promoting strength and extending chi (energy) to the tip of the sword.
  2. Health and Meditation in Motion:
    • Jian practice aligns with the principles of Tai Chi, serving as an exercise for good health and a form of meditation in motion.
    • The postures are described as soft and flowing, combining physical and meditative aspects.
  3. Self-Defense Aspect:
    • Sword practice is not only an art form but also a method of self-defense.
    • The incorporation of martial applications adds a practical dimension to the practice.
  4. Internal and External Development:
    • The choreography of the sword forms develops sinews, tendons, and joints, contributing to internal strength.
    • The practice simultaneously enhances body balance, especially as the sword is extended outward.
  5. Reinforcement of Tai Chi Concepts:
    • The sword forms reinforce the concepts and principles of Tai Chi.
    • The concept of “stick” is mentioned, likely referring to the continuity and flow of movement.
  6. “First Stick Then” Principle:
    • The phrase “first stick then” implies a sequential approach to learning or applying techniques, emphasizing a foundational understanding before progressing.

In summary, the training captures the beautifully captures the holistic nature of Tai Chi sword practice, combining physical, mental, and martial aspects. The emphasis on developing internal strength, body balance, and reinforcing Tai Chi principles through sword forms underscores the depth and richness of this martial art.