Weapons Course 12th November

Istead Rise Cummunity Centre Worcester Close Istead Rise Gravesend DA1 9LB

10.00am to 1.00pm Course Fee £15

The Jian Straight double-edged sword

Jian is a double-edged sword, typically a weapon for more advance students. The Jian sword allows a student to explore and develop techniques using a variety of points on the weapon whilst exploring the use of the 13 energies and the extension of Chi through sword practice.


The Jian sword training reaches far beyond than the sequence of movements, it’s a complete study of the use of the sword, its structures, the internal dynamics and how it effects our structural alignment. The student will also learn the associated fundamental strategies and application to the sword whilst furthering the understanding of the principles and concepts of this weapon.    

Sabre Introduction to the (Sabre) will also be covered on the course, training drills developing cut, slice, chop and stab, footwork and strategies of the sword