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“Beyond softness there is great strength”

Welcome to the world of Shizendo Tai Chi Association

Shizendo Martial arts association have Tai Chi clubs throughout the southeast of England in leading Leisure centre’s and other venues most days of the week. Our Tai Chi courses focuses on the health aspects of the art and our client base reflects our recognition within our community as we work in partnership with the NHS, Adult education and the active retirement association.

We also teach the Martial Art aspect of Tai Chi if interested.

All of Shizendo’s Instructors are recognized by MASA (martial arts standards agency) CRB checked and NVQ qualified.

Shizendo Tai Chi Daytime and evening Classes Available

Daytime classes are for one hour and the training fee is £6.00 pay as you train basis.

Evening class fee is £7.50, duration one hour. The training session is focused on the Tai Chi form and Chi Kung, these are mainly holistic and health. The other aspect of training is the Chuan, translated as function or martial. Students interested in the martial art side of the art will train separate techniques in class. Tai Chi sword is also taught.

The main points are

Balance | Stability | Relaxation
Coordination | Strengthening | Wellbeing

Classes through our Partnership with Active Retirement

The Active Retirement Association Tai Chi focuses on the health aspect of this ancient art.

The main training session consist of warm up followed by Chi Kung and then the Tai Chi form. These classes are only available to members of the Active Retirement Association and are subject to available spaces within each Active Retirement venue. More information is available about these classes here. For a full list of venues please visit our venues page here.

For more information contact Steve.
Email: Info@Shizendo.co.uk
Tel: Steve – 01634 720098

Classes through our parnership with the Adult Education

We have beginner and advance class training sessions at the adult education. Below is a link for new classes which run on a term time basis. These classes are subject to available spaces and are paid for at the beginning of each term.

Please see available courses at each Adult Education centre.

Gravesend – Beginners
Gravesend – Advanced
Dartford – Beginners
Dartford – Advanced

More information is available here

Health, Holistic and Martial

Mind, Body, Spirit

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