The Broad Sword ‘Dao’’

Single Edged, Curved, Chinese Broadsword With fa-jing movements, leaps and jumps, this form will balance you internally and for fitness, there is nothing finer as it works every muscle and sinew in the body. This sword form utilises a heaver weapon which further strengthens the body through the use of thrust, stab, cut, slice and chop. The weight of the sword, with fast movements coupled with spins develops physical fitness, wrist strength, and flexibility, especially to the joints of the upper body is trained. Being a much heavier sword the students learns the concept of body and footwork to control this weapon rather than swinging the arm, thus linking footwork to body and body to arm and finally arm to sword. There is a lesson in body mechanics and is the reason for its study and will have a profound effect on the understanding of forces applied. The whole form is performed in a strong yet flowing unbroken ebb and flow of swirls and turns with good posture and power with complete control. The form is practised a little faster than the empty hand form but again speed is a matter of preference and the student should consider all speeds. Relaxation is a requirement to execute this form as the practitioner utilises centrifugal and centripetal force issued from the inner core directed by the mind to control the broad sword.