Celebrating 10 years of Tai Chi

Celebrating 10 years of Tai Chi
The original tasters across the borough were organised by us with Shizendo. They aimed to encourage local people aged 50 years and older to take part in physical activity and promote mindfulness.
Sharon Whitewick, who has been attending classes for 10 years said: “We did the free trials and 10 years later we rarely miss a lesson. I have noticed a difference in my balance and strength, but also I like the effects that Tai Chi has on the mind. It teaches you to breathe properly and focus on the task in hand.”
Tai chi is characterised by its slow, graceful, continuous movements that are gentle on the joints and muscles.
Tai Chi instructor, Steve Martin said: “People often ask me why they should start Tai Chi. My answer is always the same, whatever you are searching for in Tai Chi you will find, if its breathing techniques, core strength, help with co-ordination, strength or mindfulness. This specific martial art is open to everyone and beginners are always welcome. You learn at your own pace.”
Shizendo currently have Tai Chi classes in Chalk, Northfleet, Higham and Gravesend.
To find out more about the classes go to www.shizendo.co.uk or call on 01634 720098.

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