Energy Gates

Energy Gates The concept of Energy Gates has been passed down from the ancient Taoist traditions of China.  Energy gates are points or areas where large amounts of energy (Chi) flows within the body and between the body and the surrounding environment. These gates function as relay stations regulating alignment and flow of the subtle[…]

Tai Chi can help reinvigorate Stem Cells-Slows the aging process

A new study from Taiwan suggests that Tai Chi can slow the aging process. Scientists at the Center for Neuropsychiatry at China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan conducted a yearlong study involving three different groups of volunteers under the age of 25. One group practiced Tai Chi(the ancient martial art that emphasizes breathing and slow, focused movements) for[…]

Developing Roots in Tai Chi

The strongest trees have the deepest roots. Borrowing their strength from the ground, trees are able to be upright for hundreds of years. Developing root is very important in Tai Chi because it is root that enables all movement. It is at the core of our Tai Chi practice and it effects everything we do.[…]

108 Yang Long Form Postures

108 Yang Long Form Postures The 108 Yang Form Part One 1 Prepare _ Feet together, both arms hang by your sides 2 Beginning the form _ Right foot step to the right with hands hung by your sides _ Lift hands _ Lower hands _ Circle hands over 3 Grasp sparrows tail __Shift to[…]

Ring Training Jook Wan Huen

Coordination, control, dexterity and balance are developed with the ring which enhances ability to further use sensitivity and connectedness whilst flowing from position to position.  Inside and outside gates of the ring are trained as is the strategies of using the ring related to person to person usage, explored through many solitary hours of training.[…]